How can I get a loan when I only get a small social security income?

Question by Maryam: How can I get a loan when I only get a small social security income?
I have been online for almost a week trying to get a small loan based on my income to no avail. Now all I get is spam mail. Is there help for me? I am a caregiver for an elderly uncle, before him, my mother until she passed. I am really strained and I need to catch up on my bill. Is there help for a person like myself who can only repay in small amounts and only once a month?

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Answer by Judy
Sorry, but probably not. Personal unsecured loans are hard to get in the best of situations. A legit lender will want to be sure you can pay it back, and you can’t show that – if you had extra money, you wouldn’t be behind on your bills in the first place. There are plenty of scammers out there who will claim they’ll give you a loan, but then just scam you out of an “application fee” – you sound too smart to fall for that.

If you have a decent credit score, you could try a peer to peer lending site like – they’re legit, but don’t get your hopes up for getting a loan there.

Is there any chance this uncle could help you, since you’re helping him?

Good luck.

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