Instant Installment Loans

Get the Right Instant Loan for You

Sometimes it’s important for you to get access to cash using a quick loan. But is that really possible without creating more trouble than it’s worth? Are there instant installment loans that really work?

enjoy freedom with the right instant installment loans

No doubt you have heard of Pay Day loans. People like them because they are fast and easy, but that does not make them a good idea. Just listen to the news and you’ll hear about more people getting stuck in tough financial situations because they tried to take a shortcut to cash.

In case you don’t know, here’s how people get stuck in a PayDay loan scheme… First you write a check to the lender and they give you cash on the spot. The lender holds your signed check until your next pay day. At that point your check should clear. The concept sounds good. But the check you gave isn’t just for the sum you borrowed, you also included high interest and extra fees. All this to get some cash just 7 to 14 days ahead of your pay day.

Plus, with Pay Day loans, it is pretty normal that people may require a loan extension. After all, how much does your situation really change in under two weeks? This results in even more interest and fees. Take this path and you could end up paying more in fees than the amount of cash borrowed to begin with. This can result in debt that gets bigger and bigger and bigger, spelling real trouble for your finances.

Clearly, if you choose the wrong type of loan you could really be setting yourself up for financial failure.

Other Choices for Instant Loans

But if you need cash fast, what are some choices that may be less painful?

Another source that you might consider, if it’s available to you, is a cash advance from one of your credit cards. You probably get access checks in the mail all the time, tempting you to their instant cash. Of course, there is another set of concerns that are attached to this idea. Credit card companies make it so easy that most people pay minimums and end up in hot water when the teaser rate ends and interest rates jump up to normal. With no ending date, there is little built in discipline.

For most people the best source for a loan will nearly always be a bank. The interest rates are low and repayment terms can be reasonable. But since you’ve already read this far, you probably think that your local bank isn’t your best choice. Perhaps you just don’t have good enough credit to get an unsecured installment loan through an impersonal bank.

The Best Choice for Instant Installment Loans

There is another banking option for you though. Today there are many banks online that are willing to provide small installment loans quickly and without super long applications. You can fill out a short form on their website and have an answer of eligibility within an hour. The approval is almost instant and no credit checks are necessary.

Unlike payday lenders, who provide up to 14 days to pay, real banks working online can often offer repayment schedules of three months or more. Instead of using up your credit card limits and getting caught in a high interest cycle, you can get a new credit line at a fixed price. You’ll know exactly what you’re going to pay before you accept their terms.

And online, you get another advantage over stopping in at your local bank. There are companies who pool the resources of more than a hundred banks. This way many banks can be searched to find the best offer. Click the banner below to get started.  And, you can get the instant installment loan that works best for you!

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